There are various clinical placement agencies out there, so why should you choose Clinical Preceptor Rescue? 

Clinical Preceptor Rescue is a one-of-a-kind company. We are a concierge customer-service clinical placement agency. We have a great team of placement coordinators who specialize in different areas across the United States. There is no state we have not searched in! Our coordinators have fostered relationships with and have built trusted professional connections with preceptors. 

Our collective team has been in the industry for more than a decade! We know each school’s requirements thoroughly and often direct students if they ask for a rotation that we know their school will not accept for a certain course or timeframe. We know finding preceptors is a daunting task, and we take on the stress so students don’t have to.

We charge less than other clinical placement services as well. Sure, the others will say they offer similar rates, but in actuality they do not. Many other services upcharge for things like using a credit card- we do not. We do not have many overhead costs which allows us to make our services more affordable for students!

Another important difference is that we do the personal work of searching for a preceptor for each individual student. We don’t ask students to sift through a list of outdated preceptor codes, and then charge to tell the students what the code means. We truly do the work students pay us to do. We do our job well and our reviews back that up. 

We also answer our phone calls! Good customer service is being able to speak to students when they need us and answer their questions within a reasonable time frame. If we are on the line when you call, we call you back right away. We understand that the work of securing clinical placement is stressful, and often makes the difference for when students graduate. Students need to be able to speak to someone in real-time who can inform and encourage them during what can be an extremely stressful period of time. In our opinion, if no one answers the phone or calls back, that company must not truly care about who they serve. Clinical Preceptor Rescue is always available by phone during business hours (Pacific Standard Time).

If you’re trying to decide which placement agency is right for you, look no further. We would be honored to help you secure the best preceptor for your needs, and help you reach your professional goals. Fill out our Student Interest Form today and we will respond to you with pricing in 1 or less business days!