Thank you so much!!! It’s funny because when I originally started this process I didn’t feel I should have to pay money for this on top of student loans. I’ve come to APPRECIATE people like you because it has SAVED ME SO MUCH time and stress and my focus can remain on my studies. Now, I prefer to go through you because it not only saves me that stress but it makes me feel secure knowing that the preceptor won’t back out and they actually want to precept. I hear horror stories of students where the preceptor backed out at last minute. So I’m INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL for what you do! Totally WORTH THE INVESTMENT! 


PRAYER MOVES MOUNTAINS! I have been in situations whereby I received/got regrets and rejection in real life, but I am a believer in praying and asking God for hope, and honestly, he never lets me down! I have been requesting or looking for an AG-ACNP preceptor for my last clinical Rotation, and I have encountered regrets and rejections but Laurie Courtney from Clinical Preceptor Rescue CAME TO MY RESCUE. My school has approved my clinical rotation, and I am ready for my 4th clinical rotation beginning next month. Trust Laurie, and you will never be stressed the way I was for four months of making visits, calling or sending texts to preceptors. Let the professionals at Clinical Rescue do the work for you! Thanks, Laurie I appreciated your help. I give you a 5/5


I PRECEPT MANY STUDENTS for their pediatric rotations as they complete their FNP or Acute Care NP programs. I want to make all of you aware of this group. I have worked with Laurie Sargent-Courtney many times in the past and she is EXTREMELY HELPFUL to find the clinical sites that may be needed!!! Give her a call if you are in need!! Tell her I said HI!!


Saved me! Placed in LESS THAN TWO DAYS!


You guys are a LIFESAVER!


You just brought tears to my eyes. I honestly cannot THANK YOU enough!!!! I’ve already referred another classmate to your company and I plan to continue to do so. You have been ABSOLUTELY EXCEPTIONAL and it means so much.