With years of experience as a Senior clinical coordinator, Alison has successfully placed hundreds of NP students with preceptors for their clinical rotations.  She is an expert in her field and understands the needs of both the student and the preceptor. Alison is very familiar with the healthcare industry as she comes from a family of RN’s and pharmacists. She has a degree in Merchandise Marketing and has past experience as an Executive Assistant to the CEO of an investment firm. Her communication skills, attention to detail and follow through make her a valuable asset to the Clinical Preceptor Rescue team. Alison is committed to helping students find preceptors for their clinical rotations. She works quickly and efficiently to help students get one step closer to successfully completing their programs!


Laurie has an extensive background in communications, operations, and business development.  She has been in the business of placing advanced practitioner students with preceptors for more than four years and her experience has given her a complete understanding of provider, school and student needs. Her hard work ethic and “can do” attitude provides an incredible motivation for her to help students who are desperate to find good preceptors.

Before her work in placing students with preceptors, Laurie was a senior account executive in public, government and media relations.  She worked for an agency as a key strategist and advisor for many different clients including the San Diego County Water Authority, America’s Cup Organizing Committee, the Century Council Campaign Against Drunk Driving, Carlsbad Company Stores among many others.  Laurie also worked in the public affairs office at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Laurie provides leadership to Clinical Preceptor Rescue by way of her business operations and communications experience.  Laurie has a degree in Communications from the University of California at San Diego and she is passionate about creating innovative ways to improve the process of placing advance practice students in their clinical rotations.  Her extensive relationships with many healthcare providers and office managers help pave the way for students and some have even jokingly called her an “honorary nurse practitioner!”  She even learned how to suture, cast and biopsy at a skills and procedures workshop!  Laurie is a true service provider and loves working with students and preceptors. She will stop at nothing to help students find great placement!