At Clinical Preceptor Rescue, we prioritize student satisfaction. We know each and every student has different needs depending on their school, program and schedule. That’s why we are a concierge-style service that doesn’t make students do the work. 

A new trend in the preceptor industry is providing “maps” or lists that students use to locate a potential site that they would be interested in. It becomes the student’s responsibility to find the site that would fit their needs and school criteria, when they are likely paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for the service to find a preceptor for them. More often than not, once a student selects a site, the service they are paying still has to contact that preceptor to see if they are available. This creates a situation for students where they’ve paid a deposit, done the work to find a site that would work, and the preceptor likely doesn’t even have availability for their time frame.

So then, what makes CPR different? 

We do not use preceptor lists for this very reason. Our team receives many desperate requests from students that have been left to fend for themselves by these agencies. We do our best to help every student in need, but we are up front if we do not believe we can place them. We do not take students’ money if we feel we cannot help them. 

Once a student submits an Interest Form, our team discusses their specific needs and if we have the capability to fulfill them. We put multiple team members on every search for each student to maximize our chances of finding a suitable preceptor. We personalize our searches for individual student requirements and do our absolute best to place students in sites that give fantastic clinical experiences. 

We take the stress of finding a preceptor so you can focus on the many other things you have going on. We don’t make you do the work, and we are honest if we cannot help you. Clinical Preceptor Rescue personally searches for every student we place, and we are the best in the industry at it. Fill out a Student Interest Form today to get started!